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  With the increasing application of business English, business interpretation has gradually become an important translation project. What preparations should be made for business interpretation? Now, Xi'an Translation Company will tell you about it.


  1. Business interpreters need to know their clients


  Interpretation services usually include speakers, guests, audiences, etc. The audience of the conference is often the industry. Therefore, interpreters should pay attention to the accuracy of professional terms when interpreting, because the conference will be a window for them to grasp the latest developments in the industry. For speakers and guests, translators should obtain as much information as possible about their names, gender, positions, titles, service agencies and nationality. If possible, interpreters should ask them for business cards before the start of the meeting or search for their resumes, service providers, etc. on the Internet to relieve the pressure of on-site interpretation, especially to prevent the embarrassment of mistakes in busy work.


  2. Business interpreters should be familiar with the theme of interpretation


  After receiving the task of interpretation, the interpreter should be familiar with the theme of interpretation as early as possible. Interpreters can request relevant information from the organizers, such as company profile, product description, production process, schedule, etc. At the same time, the interpreter can also search for supplementary information on the Internet by himself according to the figures, so as to enhance the in-depth understanding of the interpretation theme.


  3. Business interpreters need to prepare their speeches in advance


  The preparation of lecture notes should take into account the needs of the audience, understand and study the psychology of the audience, so as to make the content of the lecture close to and compatible with the audience. When the audience listens to the lecture, their psychological activities are shown in the following aspects:


  (1) Spokespersons have speeches, but when they actually make speeches, they make impromptu speeches on the basis of speeches.


  (2) The speaker changed his speech temporarily.


  (3) Temporary adjustment of interpretation tasks.


  4. Business interpreters need to be prepared for terminology in advance.


  Before the beginning of the meeting, if business interpreters do not have certain terminology preparation, they may be stuck, nervous and unclear when they come on stage. It is impossible for an interpreter to have the same expertise as an expert, but he or she must have sufficient terminology and vocabulary to understand and convey the content of the report. Today, with the development of communication, translators can not only find professional books, reference books, dictionaries and information of previous sessions, but also collect and collate relevant terms and corresponding translations through the Internet.





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