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  Shangyu translation company reminds us that translators must master the culture and reading background of readers from different countries and the differences between Chinese and foreign writing logicality, so as to translate the title, the context of the article, the key points and the basic essentials of concise and easy to understand language according to the needs. In addition to translation skills, if an article is to be published, the translator must also control the number of words in the article, pay attention to the quotation of subtitles, and constantly accumulate basic knowledge of financial news.


  1. Title Translation should be based on attracting readers


  The headlines of English newspapers cannot be translated directly. Due to the different thinking habits and cultural backgrounds, foreign journalists mainly cater to the reading wishes of their own readers when extracting titles. Therefore, when translating Chinese titles, they must take the reading methods of their own readers and the main contents of the whole article as references, and must re proposition according to the principle of "internal and external differences".


  2. Compiling logicality should conform to the reading habits of domestic readers


  In the past, the translation of international news focuses on rewriting and arrangement, but the translation of financial news is different. First, it should be easy to understand. The reference of financial news is the international media. Before translation, the translator must understand the method of foreign journalists' writing news. Generally speaking, he follows the "inverted pyramid" writing layout, that is, he arranges the most important contents in order, and doesn't care about the logical arrangement. Ordinary literal translation and free translation of foreign media news do not meet the needs of domestic readers. We must strictly abide by the discretion of literal translation in content and free translation in language, in order to let readers finish reading in the shortest time in the most understandable way. This requires the editor to make a comprehensive arrangement first, then translate and rewrite, or translate and then compile. Only this way of reporting can meet the modern reading needs of the time-consuming readers.


  3. The finishing point of the first sentence


  It is necessary to summarize the main idea of the article in the introduction of the first paragraph, but the summary of the first sentence of the paragraph is also very important. Before translating an article, you must first read the whole article and master the general idea of the English article. When translating formally, you should read the general idea of each paragraph carefully, and summarize the problems you want to express in one sentence, so as to make the reader clear at a glance.


  4. The language is simple and easy to understand


  No matter how active the expression of English is or how complex the structure of vocabulary and grammar is, the basic purpose of translation is to make the meaning clear so that all readers can understand the translation. Because the way of expression and thinking of foreign journalists are uncertain, it is absolutely impossible to translate them word for word. Translators should not only learn to cut off complex long English sentences, but also express the original meaning in the simplest sentences according to the relevant background knowledge.





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